How many beads do I need?

Sometimes when you’re looking in your bead box, or gazing at rows of beautiful beads at your local store you have to solve that age old debate: How much do I need? One, two, three strands? But what if you have  6mm and 8mm in this project and aunt Nancy says she wants matinee length? How long is that?

Here is a basic conversion of round or bicone beads to the inch:

4mm =  6.25 beads per inch
6mm =  4.20 beads per inch
8mm =  3.125 beads per inch
10mm =  2.5 beads per inch

If you are using seed beads:

Japanese Seed beads- approx
size 11 = 16 beads per inch
size 8  = 12 beads per inch
size 6  =   8 beads per inch

And to answer your question about matinee length, here are some common measurements:

Common Sizes
7″  –  Bracelet
9″  –  Anklet
16″ – Choker or Collar
18″ –  Princess
24″ – Matinee
28-32″  – Opera
48″  – Rope or Lariat

You can find more conversions and charts at http://www.giniasbeads.com

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