We are a dynamic group of some 50 Local Bead Store Owners with similar commitments to our clients, the beading world and our individual local communities, beading or otherwise. We are dedicated to provide our customers with the very best in services and supplies, thus enhancing their beading experience.

The Local Bead Store Owners Group came together to share information on business topics dealing with the day-to-day operations of a bead store, including but not limited to customer service, merchandising and inventory control, so that our individual stores can provide the utmost service to our clients.

In the process of mutual sharing, we hope that our combined efforts will allow us to continuously support, help grow and serve the beading community for years and years to come.

As members of this group we strive every day to nourish and promote all aspects of the beading world, to advance educational activities for all ages, and to raise consumer awareness and appreciation for our ancient and honorable art, while doing the same with those on the manufacturing end.

Check out the listing of Local Bead Store owners who are members of this group and are dedicated to these principals and to you.

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